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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Classy Anime, and why it's never gonna be the face of anime

Ok, so quartears comes on one day and asks something about what classy anime is. and

I told him


Sure, I also dropped Kon and Otomo in there but let's face it, if you wanna be deep and high brow about your anime, Tezuka is where to start.

Tezuka is the reason Kon and Otomo are making their movies, he;s the reason why japan won't ever create war robots (well that and the nuclear bomb) and the reason why Japan thinks men with scars are sexy (or is that me?)
His works were large, expansive and epic, they were also thoughtful and very heartfelt. But one thing strikes me about Tezuka and his works, that is he can show you the many faces of humanity
When the man makes a manga he's not simply scribbling characters interacting to make a buck, but to tell you an idea, a concept or to show you something that should stir something deep within you. His work, for me, is reflective and very human. I also think it's the fact that he was a man of peace that he can also show human conflict in a sad yet interesting light. One of his works, Buddha, is a good example. It's like if someone were to take the story of jesus, add in realism, conflict and self reflection and that's Buddha. And Buddha is not exploitative, but reflective.

But you know why anime will always be commercial? Cause Tezuka will never come back from the dead and give meaning to anime again. That doesn't mean anime can be meaningful, but the face it'll show to our children and their children will be that of a whore, who will fulfill their disgusting dirty needs.

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