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Monday, June 1, 2009

Haruhi Suzumiya-Why this show should make you feel dirty

     There's two ways to enjoy this show, one is where you, the audience, goes "oh man I can't wait to see what Haruhi does, she so cuhh-razyy!' The other way is for the viewer to go "Oh boy, I can't wait to see what Kyon does to keep Haruhi in line so I can imagine I'm Kyon and pretend to have to keep a very hot teenage friend from getting into trouble who has the mind of a child'. 

That's right, Haruhi Suzumiya is pretty much moe-pandering from the very first episode, starting from the main character herself, to Mikuru (the childish and "precious" one for the people who like their women to be stupid and weak-willed) to Yuki (I think she's an emotionless robot who reads books or some shit). The viewer can also see this in the way that Kyon treats Haruhi and Kyon as the character. Kyon is basically like a big brother figure to Haruhi, as he keeps her in-line and she bascially tells him every move she's planning to make. But if you look at Kyon, he's the most generic character ever, he's got friends, and like most people he used to believe in aliens and the paranormal and shit. I used to be like that, and I'm sure most of you were like that. You see, the thing is Kyon is what I like an viewer character, he is the viewer's window into the show, you're supposed to project yourself into him, and voila satisfaction. So then, you can have your pick of any of the girls from that point on.

You can have Haruhi, who is the energetic, and child-like to the point of beeing creepy. I swear, it's almost like she's a retarded eight yr old on sugar. When I was watching, I just kinda thought to myself 'if I knew someone like Haruhi, I'd either smack them, or I guess be their friend, but I would definitely smack them'. She's what I would assume is the tsundere type of the show, and then there's Mikuru, oh Mikuru. She's like the super moe girl, the one who all the moe freaks will love. She's weak-willed, large breasted, cute (I can't tell, all the females look the same, just switch the fucking hair) and she's also prone to crying all the time. Then there's Yuki, who's some kind of heartless literati robot or something. She's for those guys who like their women cold and heartless, someone who doesn't react to emotion. These three concepts may be hot in your brain, but in the real world, women are complex creatures who aren't two dimensional stereotypes. I think this whole moe trend speaks about Japan's social situation when you have young men sitting by themselves watching anime about people they'll never hang out with, or don't exist. I think Haruhi is the symptom of a bigger problem, cause when you have young people just watching and obsessing over fictional characters, then there's something wrong here. You can also then argue the difference between american and japanese fandom/nerds in general (but that's really not my forte)

Now, my friend and I were talking about japan once, and she told that Japan likes to "Infantalize their woman'. And Mikuru, is as infantilized as it gets (without making all the girls into little girls). See, The Melancholy of haruhi Suzumiya is basically a high-school fantasy for those who want to be in high-school forever(shit sucked though, high school is the worst place in the world), and have "fun' times and have "adventures". It's an escape is what it is and is it a bad form of escape? Yes, and no. No, because it has an innocent veneer, showing us only what it wants us to see, but to the intelligent, or I guess insightful, you can read into the show and see things . Basically, it's a way for viewers to pick and choose a woman, and then think about them till their cock goes raw. It's similar to when people were decrying rock cause it held satanic messages, but this time, it's not a satanic message, but a fetish hiding in an illusions of innocence. and I think that's all moe really is, atleast how it's suppsoed to be perceived, or what it does for most otaku, and that is sexualization of innocence.

Haruhi Suzumiya is basically every Moe anime out there, but it's much better at what it does, instead of being upfront about everything, it gives out hints so the viewer can violently fap to whichever fucking chick they want. Now, is this good, or bad? I don't know but I also don't care. If you enjoy this show because you like to see haruhi do cuh-razzyyy things, then more power to you, and I hope you enjoy a subpar comedy, but if you want to be Kyon and keep haruhi in line while fapping to Mikuru, then I wish you luck and I hope you never have any children.