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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Singing #1

The terror that raided my YouTube, strikes my podcast!

I sang the fourth opening to Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

I'm just tired and I need something up. I really need to do some research for debate that I found out will happen in 2 days counting today!

Right click save as to download mp3

Because I support Linux users, here is OGG format.

So just for the hell of it I put this up. Don't kill me Reinhard!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's not ALL DOLPHIN propaganda

Just to have something up here... another episode of Dolphin Haters. I am still trying to soak in everything from Angel's Egg... Regan, you'll just have to wait for my incompetent review. Then we'll see who's shortcomings are worse.

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Anyways... the promo in this is from Weekly Anime Review Podcast... well now WARP... Aaron you rule! If it wasn't for WARP I would have never listened to AWO. Check his out here.

the song during the weird story from my friend TehRizzle is:
Duet by Dylly downloaded from podsafeaudio.com

I am currently working on my promo... everything I've made are just sorry attempts at making promos...