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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Macross Frontier; why it’s balls.(and why I am sucking those balls as I write this).

It’s been called macross F, and you know what that “F” stands for?
This is what I was saying repeatedly in my head as I was watching this.
Do you know why?
Keep reading to find out more!
Ok, so I tried to rewatch the first episode of Macross F(uck) cause I thought “hey you know the mecha crowd seems to like it” (they also like geass and 00, which is also balls, maybe I don’t know). It’s actually not that bad of a show, it’s actually watchable, if they remove one thing.
I mean, she is a chick right, with her pretty long hair…oh wait, I’m being told, oh the fuck? She’s not a woman? She’s a dude? Oh my god, but he’s so pretty! Damn you Kawamori and your borderline faggotry! It seems kinda pointless to have him as the main character, cause he feels more like a gimmick rather than a character. To appeal to the female fan base, they have the main character as some flying pretty boy (emphasis on pretty). The part that gets me though is when his faggy ass friend calls him “princess” and he gets annoyed. I’m thinking “if you don’t want you ass buddy to call you that, don’t dress like a chick you fag, cut the dew and look like you hold some balls and a penis in your crotch”. I know they only do it twice, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is some sort of awful running gag Kawamori or who ever directs this would pull cause they hate people like me. Now, I wanna like this, and it’s not super awful but it is just really really fruity. Like holy shit man when watching it I could smell mangoes, berries and oranges and strawberries form my laptop as I watched this. That’s how fruity it is. But you ask “well Senior fantastico del fuego, lord and saviour Charleston, what does keep you from watching?”
Ranka, fucking, Lee and Sheryl Norme (The Galactic Fairy slut)
I’m a pathetic loser, go kill me now please, as it seems I found a female anime character that is not (so far) just a gimmick to pull in creepy otaklue, but an honest to god fleshed out character I can actually like. She doesn’t sound like a five yr old girl and she’s not a cardboard cut out to project my masturbatory desires to (ngggfffhhhhh oh ranka lee you look like a ten yr old girl with your awesome loli body, let me wank nggfffffffhhh to you LOLZ). If I was a true loser and hated myself (which is evident since I’m pretty masochistic) I would say I am moe for Ranka Lee, but not in a creepy pedo way, but in a, as the people who stole this manly word put it, in a fashion to that of a friend. Here’s the reason why, she’s fleshed out and she’s quirky and a young dreamer, I can, surprisingly root for her. She also works in a Chinese restaurant and I fucking love Chinese food.
Sheryl, on the other hand seems kinda like an American pop idol, rather than the Japanese one. But she does seem strong and also fully fleshed out.
Now for the combat HOLY FUCK I was holy shit balls wanktacularly impressed, I mean dogfights combined with mech fighting, I fucking enjoyed it. I was satisfied and was happy. Also the Valkryies are kinda cool too, I guess. You know, not manly and gritty but hey, what the fuck.
My final verdict? Holy fuck?! I;m gonna watch episode two? Yeah, I enjoyed it, and I wanna see more of Sheryl and Ranka, I wanna see what happens to them because they interest me. The male characters are surprisingly boring but the female characters are highly developed and very very fleshed out (wink wink LOLZ, just kidding they really do interest me). Alto can still fuck off though, even though he pulled of a bad ass.

Yeah, I know, I’m fucking surprised too.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Turning MW into a Film

Been awhile hasn’t it?

Ok, I realise this is old news to most of you guys, but I only just found out. It appears that a film is being made of Osamu Tezuka’s MW and filming has already begun. MW is one of Tezuka’s darker works. It takes place after the leaking of an experimental gas which kills the inhabitants of a small island, and the only ones who survive are Yuki and Garai. A couple of decades later Garai is a priest and Yuki; a banker. But they both hold a secret; that since the accident Yuki has been murdering and raping left and right. To make matters worse since Yuki and Garai have been having a “romantic” relationship.

Now, if done correctly I think a MW film could be fantastic. The manga itself is very odd, but also very cinematic. When I was reading I could often picture it as a film or live action drama. Hell, I think it would suit itself well to an American or British production, but I don’t like what little we’ve seen of this adaptation, mainly the casting.

If I had to pick who I’d cast as the main characters it’d probably be Cillian Murphy as Yuki (he could probably do a good job of pulling off the androgyny while still being creepy.) But casting father Garai would be much more difficult. He’d have to be older (probably in his 40’s). In the case of the upcoming Japanese film I like the casting as Yuki, he’s good looking enough and could probably be quite creepy. But father garai just looks... Wrong. They’ve made him much younger, probably to make there relationship a little less creepy (for lack of a better word) But Father Garai also looks too attractice. He isn’t meant to be a pretty boy, he’s a gruff guy so I doubt he cares how his hair is gelled.

MW could be a great film, but live action Tezuka adaptations have never had that much luck (anyone remember that Phoenix film, or the black and white Astro Boy? Both were pretty nausea inducing) Lets hope they use the source material well and go beyond just another live action manga.