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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lost, and why I'm tired of it

Lost is praised for it's "suspenseful" and "cliffhanging" writing. It's great character development and inventive storytelling. But you know what? GET ON WITH IT. We get it, this is awesome, but all those twists and turns, I just do not have the attentions span to keep up with such a long-going TV show. Now, I;m down with twists and turns and all this "flash forward"-ing. I think Lost would be better if it was a book. This is actually the same problem I have with LOGH. I;m a person who would rather read something long and spanning, than just sit there and be passive. I wanna be involved, and I think a book is more involving than a TV show. I'm not really ahting on Lost, but man, it;s just so confusing and drawn out, just tell my that evil black thing is killing things and why there's a polar bear. Doctor Who can pose the same mystery, but have it solved in an hour.


IAmZim said...
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IAmZim said...

Lost isn't confusing it just... Happens. Crazy stuff happens for no reason other than "Just because"

But whatever, Hurley is still funny.