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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mr. Ajikko

I have been searching for some sort of skill. While the ultimate goal is to be an academic I figured that I ought to have a skill as a safety net since you never truly know whether or not your country will be here tomorrow. Nature may be governed by constant, infallible laws whereas mankind is governed by his own, very fallible, free will.

After reflecting upon Yakitate Japan and watching Mr. Ajikko I realized that a man's stomach is governed by nature.

Mr. Ajikko and Yakitate Japan are manly shows about food. Yakitate Japan deals specifically with bread, but Mr. Ajikko deals with food in general. Mr. Ajikko can be said to be the father of cooking anime.

You may think that you're spaghetti meat sauce is perfect with your years of experience and authority in the field. You're sauce may have deep flavor with over 9 ingredients to make the base. You may just have perfected it with walnuts to bring out flavor. You truly are the best in your field...

But this guy can and probably has developed something better.

Yield victory to the young man as you eat his perfected spaghetti meat sauce!

Mr. Ajikko is one of the most intense anime I have ever seen. As I was watching the show I found myself loosing my breath in anticipation to see what Youichi (the young chef) would do next.

Yasuhiro Imagawa only proves his excellence as a director. While I admit I have only seen episode 3, it was one of the craziest rides I have had with a one episode spin. With that said I am upset that only 3 episodes of Mr. Ajikko have been fansubbed whereas shows like Kanon in their horrid fanbase get fansubbed like vultures to carrion flesh.

It is surprising with Yakitate Japan's popularity that Mr. Ajikko has not gotten as much attention as it commands, but enough on that.

All I can command is that someone fansub this. It's a crazy show about being a manly chef and making people who eat your food go on LSD trips. It is sad that shows like this are left in the dark to mainstream fandom. Fansubbers, get on the horse and fansub more of this. It may not be shiny like your fancy recently aired crap, but it certainly is a gem in the rough by reason of skilled directing and incredible enjoyment brought on by over the top and creative cooking challenges.


IAmZim said...

Cooking shows aren't my forte' but anything involving Imagawa is worth a watch in my book.

A show like this may work just as well RAW..

TehRizzle said...

I can't say I have heard of this show, but since Yakitate!! Japan is one of my favorites I am definitely going to check it out.

I certainly hope that more episodes of it get subbed, as well.