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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Overhated Economy

In this episode we have actual content that is worth your time. This episode is jam-packed with content that is worth talking about so it is a bit longer than the other episodes. Which I suppose is good and bad.

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02:00 First off, Cassidy discusses the Hourou Musuko manga.

06:00 Then gives us a con report of her trip to Kintoki-Con.

18:00 And for some reason we discuss the Summer season of animoo.

28:00 Andy and I, well more Andy, discusses the anime production of the Gundam Manga, Gundam Origins which is something we are actually looking forward too. (You can hear Andy's cat snoring in the background. AIN'T NO THANG)

41:00 And then, Andy and I review [C] Control the Money of Soul and Possibility. Which is mostly me throwing economic jargon at everybody like I'm better than them. Mostly because I like to believe I am.

You can catch [C] streaming on Funimation's video site. And other places on the Internet legitimately.

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