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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nick Clegg is a Brony

This is a filler episode since Cassidy disappeared and we both don't like Fractale.

Right click save as to Download.

Nick Clegg is SOOO MO-E~.

My Little Pony is Great.

We even sing the MLP Theme.


Cassidy_AG said...

Haven't listened yet, but things seem to have gotten very manly while I was away. Sorry for being absent (or am I, since this looks like it'll be funnier than anything I could say about Fractale...)

Graruru Crew said...
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Graruru Crew said...

Testosterone all up in this bitch!

And its cool, maybe we can reschedule fractale some other time. Or not. I don't really CARE about that show. You were missed ;-;


Q Agent said...

Friendship is magic gaizz

djdrastic said...

MLP is a cancer on the lung of fun.

Andrew Seager said...

DJD you are so damn moe.