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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Toward The Terra DVD 1&2, or pretty boys in SPAAACE!

So, I had gone to the Anime Store intending to buy Gurren Lagann. But it was sold out, so instead of going home with a series of manliness, exhibiting Giant Robot drills, I instead found myself with the anime adaptation of a 70’s Shoujo series by Keiko Takemiya. Keiko Takemiya is somewhat of an Mangaka from what I’ve seen. I don’t think I’ve read anything by her which didn’t involve Boy Love, incest or worse. The last thing I saw from her, unfortunately, was the OAV Kaze to Ki no Uta, which involves the most disturbing rape scene EVER!

Oh damn, I’m off topic again, where was I? Oh yeah pretty boys in space. Toward the Terra is a pretty straightforward remake of the original manga. The story is as follows. The earth , or terra, has become polluted and human life is no longer sustainable. Humanity has left for the stars and is ruled by a supercomputer called Mother. There are rebellions towards the supercomputer, mainly a group of physics who have been persecuted by humans. By today’s standards this is the kind of Sci-Fi we’ve seen done before, so the real question is – is it done well?

This anime is a fairly straightforward adaptation of the manga. But basing a 26 episode series of a three volume manga demands some that some things must be stretched out. In these 8 episodes I watched there were some liberties taken. New characters have been added, relationships have been fleshed out and some new events have been added. Compared to the earlier anime adaptation this version is far less rushed .If I had to criticise it, at points it does feel kinda slow, which makes me all the more glad Bandai is releasing this series in 8 episode sets. The animation also drops in quality considerably around episode 6 with some very jerky movements and off model shots.

To Terra is often accused of being Shounen-Ai. This isn’t exactly right. For the most part To Terra is straightforward Science Fiction. It’s easy to forgive people for thinking this, though. Keiko Takemiya is one of the pioneers of the BL genre and the implications are obviously there. Along with the pretty boy character designs, the BL implications are probably one of the main reasons this series is as popular as it is. But if you’re willing to look deeper this is a Sci-Fi series with some great drama and character designs. No it’s not manly, and it might be little slow for some, but if your looking for some hard sci-fi, this may be for you.

Whew, can’t wait to see how tissuekins reacts to this.


tissuekins said...

I'm actually not against BL or yaoi, it's moe my hate. Cause I believe dudes getting rude can be manly too, I guess. it's not my thing but I respect it. I just hate how most male designs are too catering the Fujoshi crowd. But it's not a big problem as MOOOOEEEEEEE! But I digress, the review itself is very concise clean and professional in my view. I'm not gonna go seek this out, but if someone invited me to watch it, I'll be down with that.

Miss M said...

The Earth polluted? Humans move out into space? Where's WALL-E in this picture? XD

Well, I've been wanting to read To Terra... for a very long time now. As for the show, well... I think I should go after it once the manga is under my belt so I can see how things stack up against it.

Great review, though. It made me laugh. =D

IAmZim said...

Tissuekins: I'm not a big fan of the chracter designs either, but atlaeast they aged them up for the anime

Laci: Unfortunately Wall-E doesn't appear :(

The Manga's very good, though its made even more creepy by the fact that Jomy looks about 12.


Miss M said...

Yay 70s Shoujo!! You are my hero. <3

Miss M said...

... That was a joke, you know. XD

(But I still love 70s shoujo. <3)

Shame about WALL-E. D=

Agent Q said...

I watched a few episodes of this show. I'll buy it eventually.

And obviously you've seen more! But then again the idea I'm trying to say is technically a logical fallacy...