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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Huzzah? Area Graruru? Whuzzat?

I think Area Graruru's meaning is best summarized by this:

Miss M


Agent Q said...

?! Wth? Is that a tree lady with breasts that you talked about?

Miss M said...

From the Last Unicorn, yes.

Man, I should review the Last Unicorn!! =o

Zim said...

I bet there are whole doujinshi cirlces in Japan for tree breasts XD

tissuekins said...

CIRCLE TREE BREASTS! WE'RE JAPAN! WE DRAW BREASTS ONF EVERYTHING, EVEN LITTLE GIRLS AND DOGActually, it would be awesome if you reviewed the last Unicron, i would read it, and tell you how much I enjoyed reading your work and how I think I should watch it. I like unicorns, and I like the word last, so aww yeaaaaah