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Saturday, May 17, 2008

... New Licenses and...

Hello ya'll, long time no post. A few shows got licensed and I just felt like posting it. That's all.

D.Gray Man, a show I used to watch got licensed by Funimation.

Romeo X Juliet, a show made from a play I strongly dislike got licensed by Funimation.

I don't really care about those shows, well I care for D.Gray Man a little bit, but not that much. I just felt like posting that since it was the first thing I saw in my Google Reader (which I think is awesome!)

the only thing relevant, is that Funimation seems to be the only anime company not doing horribly. I can assume that is because their releases are fairly good and that they have Dragon Ball Z. They seem to be least affected, not I said least not 'unaffected', by the Geneon crash. ADV and Bandai Visual seem to be in hell. Bandai Visual must be going down for other reasons. (mostly cause they make decisions about as well as a jackass)

I still need to better understand the marketplace before I go on making assumptions. I had a terrible Economics teacher and whatever bit I know is simply from various sources.

Oh well, now I'll change from that to that Glober Warming issue. Some kid is going around changing the world or something.

Anyways, what the hell was I gonna talk about now? Oh yeah, the new episode. Don't worry you 12 subscribers out there, an episode will be coming out.

I will still be talking about Hemingway and why ... I don't read contemporary literature. It's a stupid reason, don't worry.

The next week after that I will talk about Paprika. Graduation and Awards ceremonies are coming up very soon. Well, no, Graduation ceremonies has already happened. Damn, where is that planner? Oh yeah, sitting on my the shelf above my anime collection.

Anyways yeah, I am currently watching Paprika the awesome way, once a day in each different language on this DVD, not Blu-ray cause I'm not American rich. I wish I could see it on Blu-Ray and watch it in Thai, oh well.

The Hemingway episode will be mostly to get an episode out, but don't worry, I do talk about literature and how Mill fried my brain.

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